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Having attained this blessed company, which draws one towards Allâhu ta’âlâ and lifts one up to very high ranks, he joined the order of these great people. Holding fast to their services and strictly observing the âdâb (subtle standards) of sohbat, he attained nisbat-i-Naqshbendî in two months plus a few days. Showers of knowledge and ma’rifat, like April rain, began to pour into his blessed heart. His master, Khwâja Bâkî-billâh ‘qaddas- Allâhu sirrahul’azîz’ frequently said about him, “Ahmad is one of the Murâds and Mahbûbs.” This was the reason for his rapid progress. He became like a sun illuminating the entire world. His master gave him the good news that he had attained very high ranks and would be able to make others attain these ranks, that he was very close to Allâhu ta’âlâ, and said, “On my way back to India after having received my ijâzat from my master Emkenghî ‘quddisa sirruh’, I came to the city of Serhend where you were. I had a dream, wherein they told me I was in the vicinity of a qutb (a person who occupies the highest rank) and showed a vision of that high person. You are that high person (whose vision I saw in my dream). It was during another of my travels through Serhend when I saw a torch extending up to heavens and illuminating the entire world from the farthest east to the remotest points in the west. I beheld that the light coming from the torch became brighter and brighter and crowds of people lit their own candles from the torch. I know this dream as good news, a harbinger of your coming to the world.”

As Khwâja Bâkî-billâh ‘quddisa sirruh’ sent Imâm-i-Rabbânî ‘qaddas-Allâhu sirrahul ’azîz’ with ijâzat-i-mutlaq (full authorization) to the city of Serhend, he withdrew from his own position and trusted the business of educating and training his disciples, including his sons, to him, and said, “Ahmad is a sun outshining thousands of stars like us. There have been only one or two like him in this Ummat. And today there is next to no one like him under the celestial dome. I look on myself as one of his satellites [pupils]. All his ma’rifats are correct and approved by Prophets ‘alaihimus-salâm’.” In fact, his master as well as his disciples would attend his sohbat in order to receive fayz and nûr from him.

Having attained high grades and unequalled ranks, Imâm-i- Rabbânî came to Serhend and set about educating people who yearned for attaining love of Allâhu ta’âlâ. Echoes of guidance spread throughout the world. Calls of hidâyat inspired spring weather into hearts, producing many a renovation and green foliage. The drum of Qutb-ul-aqtâb was beaten in his name. A mere compliment received from him would suffice for one to attain high grades of Wilâyat. Abdâls and Awtâds ran for his company. His lights of Wilâyat, his barakats of karâmat are too occult to express in words or writing. People who were stranded in the desert of aberration and bewilderment attained hidâyat in his sohbat.