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The Sun is in Leo Constellation

Today, July 22nd. The Sun enters in Leo Constellation (Esed) and the second month of summer season begins. The Sun will be in this Constellation for 31 days and will be in Virgo on 22 August.


  1. In order to kill a snake
  2. In order to catch an escaping animal
  3. In order to rescue a flock from wolves
  4. In order to take food that is boiling over away from the fire
  5. In order to protect your or someone else’s property that is worth no less than one dirham of silver, from destruction [See the word Dirham-i shar’î in the first chapter of the fifth fascicle of Endless Bliss]
  6. In order to urinate or to break wind
  7. When there is no fear that the prayer time may expire or that you may be late for the jamâ’at, in order to rid yourself of something that mullifies namâz according to another Madhhab, e. g. to clean the najâsat that is less than one dirham or to make an ablution when you remember that you have touched a woman who is a nâmahram, you can break your namâz.