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Istighâtha’ is­ what­ the­ Wahhâbîs ­oppose­ most:­ ‘to­ ask­ help ­or protection­ of­ someone­ other­ than­ Allâhu­ ta’âlâ,’­ which­ they­ call polytheism.­ In­ fact,­ as­ all­ Muslims­ know,­ true­ istighâtha­ is­ only from­ Allâhu­ ta’âlâ. ­However,­ it­ is­ permissible ­to ­say­ metaphorically that­ one­ can­ do­ istighâtha­ from­ someone,­ for,­ it­ is­ declared­ in­ the 15th­ âyat ­of ­Sûrat ­al-Qassass: ­“People of his tribe did istighâtha from him against the enemy.” A­ hadîth ­sherîf ­says: ­“They will do istighâtha from Âdam ‘alaihis-salâm’­ at the place of the Mahshar.” A­ hadîth ­sherîf ­quoted­ in ­al-Hisn al-hasîn, says: ­“He who needs help should say, ‘O Allâhu ta’âlâ’s slaves! Help me!’ ” This­ hadîth sherîf­ commands­ us­ to­ call­ for­ help­ from­ someone­ not­ near­ us.” Translation­ from­ the­ book ­al-Usûl-ul-arba’a ends­ here.

[Every­ word ­has ­a­ distinguishable ­meaning,­ which ­is ­called ­the real ­meaning­ of ­that­ word.­ The­ word­ will ­be ­called ­majâz when ­it is ­not ­used ­in ­its ­real ­meaning ­but ­in ­any­other ­meaning ­which ­can be­ related­ to­ it.­ When­ a­ word­ special­ to­ Allâhu­ ta’âlâ­ is­ used­ as majâz for ­human­ beings,­ Wahhâbî­ people­ will ­think­ that ­the ­word is­ being­ used­ in­ its­ real­ meaning.­ So,­ they­ will­ call­ a­ person­ who uses­ the ­word ­mushriq, ­or ­kâfir.­ But ­they­ should ­pay ­attention ­to the­ fact ­that ­these­ words­ are­ used­ as­ majâz in ­âyats ­and­ hadîth-i sherîfs­ for ­human­ beings.]

Total Lunar Eclipse

Percentage of Eclipsed Part %142

Beginning of eclipse (half shaded) 06:01
Beginning of partial eclipse 07:58
Beginning of total eclipse 08:59
Middle of total eclipse 09:41
End of total eclipse 10:24
End of partial eclipse 11:25
End of eclipse (half shaded) 12:22

The Moon will set when eclipse in continuing in Arabian Peninsula, Africa, Europe and Russia. All of the eclipse will be observed at South America and east side of North America. The Moon will rise eclipsed in West side of North America, Pacific Ocean and New Zealand.